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  • FIT NEWS 1

    Crucial Variation : Adaptation is an obstacle to progress. Changing your routine every 4-6 weeks challenges your body in new ways, preventing plateaus. Vary exercises, loads and intensities for long-lasting results!

  • FIT NEWS 2

    Active Recovery : After training, active recovery promotes
    blood circulation, preventing the accumulation of lactic acid. Walking, yoga
    or light swimming stimulate recovery and reduce the risk of stiffness

  • FIT NEWS 3

    Sleep and Growth : During deep sleep, the body releases growth hormone which regenerates itself.

    7-9 hours of sleep promotes muscle recovery, hormonal balance and performance during training.

  • FIT NEWS 4 plus

    1. Microloads for Progress : Adding just a few extra pounds greatly increases the challenge of advanced training, triggering muscular adaptations and increasing strength.
    2. Functional Flexibility : In addition to static stretching, incorporating dynamic mobility exercises improves agility and prevents injuries, which is crucial for advanced fitness.
    3. Hidden Overtraining : At this level, balance is crucial. Too much training can lead to chronic fatigue and regression. Planning for rest is essential for long-term success.